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strong, united

The Women

Mayan / the Experience is a celebration of the abundance and richness
of nature, honoring and empowering women.

Wellness in one.

Benefits of the handmade clothing  are sent back to the indigenous female communities in Mexico for their independance and development.

Their unique pieces hold a story. It hides in the seams and whispers from the folds. Look closely:
A Mayan woman embroidering and weaving next to the
comal. The threads hot- bathing in the tincture near the
jungle. Trace each stitch that holds patience and passion by
hands like yours. A special person made these just for you.

Cherish the dreams embroidered within.

familia monica.JPG


A beautiful family of four that works hand in hand to create the natural textiles and unique weaving techniques for the most original beachwear.

"I am honored to have my collection in collaboration with Mayan / the Experience and expand visibility to Europe. With the benefits we will finally be able to repair our workshop and have better conditions to work in with the family"



A single mother in the mountains of Chiapas, the heart of the Mayan region. She has worked with prestigious designers in Mexico and specializes in Telar de Cintura which is a traditional hand weave where one side is attached to a tree and the other around the waist. It is generally given as a hierloom from Mother to daughter and practiced between the female community.

"I am delighted to participate in this collective project. As a single mother, I want to put my two children forward and give them the best future possible. I put my heart in these pieces and each design is for them"



A young and sunny entrepreneur in San Cristobal de las Casas that heads a group of female weavers from the different Mayan communities in the region.

"This project is one of a kind, because more and more women are single mothers, in difficulty, and sometimes they only speak their dialect. I help translate for them and put their unique pieces in good hands. The benefits will go to sustain the neediest women of the group and also help to buy material for embroidery and help develop the group to empower these and other women to become independant"


In loving memory of of beloved godmother, a single mother of three that had a heart big enough to fit our family and selflessly devoted her life to transmitting kindness, faith, and wisdom.

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