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Do I need to Reserve in advance? Is it preferrable to reserve at least 24h in advance to allow us to prepare your ritual in the best conditions. Last minute reservations might go unseen during clientele hours.

What should I Wear? Disposable underwear are available in order to preserve your garments. Oil rituals are best executed with these or non adjusted garments. For Flying therapeutics a leggings and non slip top are best. For Water Therapeutics a bathingsuit or thermalsuits are required. Bathrobes are available for a supplement.

What if I'm late? You must arrive at least 10 min before your ritual in order to discuss your needs and adaptations. Not rushing is the best way to relax and unwind. Regulars can arrive 5 minutes before if the ritual is pre-established. Arriving after the time of rdv unfortunately does not extend the ritual. Any tardiness of more than 15 min automatically cancels the time slot. Please confirm your arrival time by SMS once you are on your way

Should I shower before? We make it a point of honor to present you a perfectly hygienic space during your ritual. Reciprocity is thus mandatory by showering at home or a thorough toilette before your ritual.

What if I have medical conditions? A Health file must be filled befor each ritual. Do not hesitate to ask your medical practitioner for permission to have your chosen ritual especially if you are newly pregnant, sick, or recently operated. Counter-indications are clearly stated, we can thus decline responsibility for any incidences linked to uncommunicated conditions.

I changed my mind on my Ritual! We all have a right to change our mind. If the material is available to change at the last minute, it is of course possible within the original time frame. Otherwise a new slot can be adjusted to fit the changes accordingly.

How do I Pay? Paypal is best, just as cash. Some credit cards are accepted but not checks or credits.

Interruption & Cancellation Policies If ever the situation of misconduct is insinuated or evident, we have the right to interrupt the ritual with immediate outside escort without reimbursement and will be disqualified from member access & future reservations. Holistic therapies are not to be confused with advances, prositution or anything near to sexuality or judgment.

In case of cancellation for tardiness or unexpected issues, a rebook can be made upon approval and must be exceptional and non recurrent.

All other cancellations or no shows are non refundable due to the impossibility to recuperate lost time and the engagement upon buying packages in a defenite matter.

Home Delivery For cosmetics, packages will be posted within 24-48h after ordering. Depending on the transporter chosen, you may follow your package online. If ever a delivery accident happens please contact us within 24h of reception in order to adress the issue together. Any home deliveries within Paris are made for free as well as boutique pickup by rdv.

                               Do not hesitate to contact us for any further information

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