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-Endo what? - You know the uterus, so I present you its sidekick, the endometrium; soft cushion that welcomes the fertilized egg; a future baby in the womb. Since we don't get pregnant every month, this material auto-destroys itself faster than a message to 007 and liquefies to make way for a newer cushion manufacturing cycle, much like an internal laundry; this is menstruation. But life isn't always an easy road! One in 10 lucky women has this material outside the uterus, often in the envelopes of the intestine, bladder, peritoneum, fallopian tubes, and the outer part of the uterus, in short: blotches like a  not -very-welcome sneeze these days.

-So what? So far let's say that everything is going pretty well. Then comes the hormonal upheaval of periods which orders this material to liquefy. Suddenly, these blotches which are not where they should be, are found to bleed where they should not be bleeding. Still with me? The best is yet to come ... The body thinks suddenly that it is having an Internal Hemmorage and sends alerts everywhere, hence an exaggerated inflammatory response since this material cannot evacuate. Repair cells try to encapsulate them and  create scar tissue, sometimes a little too much sometimes glueing organs together. Except that each month, this capsule explodes like a coke on a roller coaster. Suddenly, the body is double blocked in emergency plumbing mode, but unfortunately does more harm than good. We find ourselveves with terrible pains PERMANENTLY. It is very difficult to make this suffering understood by those around us, since on average it takes SEVEN YEARS to be diagnosed because it is so poorly monitored. During this time, we lose confidence because no one wants to believe us, suddenly we start to doubt our feelings and the messages from our body. We get depressed because having pain 24 hours a day prevents from concentrating, sleeping, having  "normal" relationships, we become addicted to painkillers to the point of destroying the stomach, the intestinal flora .... then as a gift, in case we were not having enough fun like that, it is accompanied by a lot of blood flow; that means that you can no longer laugh or sneeze without changing your pants, carrying around simultaneously with XXL tampon, XXL night pads, and in addition a towel or paper in the pants to hold, let's say, an hour and a half? and this for 8-10 days! The rest of the time we spend our time recovering from this juggling (and still being in pain) until we start again in two weeks! Nice huh?

​​​​-No, The pain is not normal! - We are often told that being a woman = being in pain is natural. Yes,  periods can be uncomfortable, but if it hurts to the point of wondering if you have appendicitis every month it's not! Don't listen to others who call you "baby" "sissy" "made of glass" and other stupid moqueries, they are not in your body and everyone handles pain differently. If you have to spend your evening in the bathtub or with a hot water bottle, if you have to systematically take painkillers every month, and if you have the impression that the flow is in more than average quantity, YOU MUST SEEK A REAL ENDOMETRIOSIS SPECIALIST!

-Solutions exist - First, you have to quickly get started
by getting diagnosed by a specialist in the field before the damage
becomes infertility or a histerectomty. The faster we are taken in charge,
the faster they can apply a personalized treatment, the faster we
can lead a normal life, relive and thrive without pain.

-Endometriosis We are not alone - One in 10 women has
, but I bet it's a lot more than that for lack of
knowledge of certain doctors, available information, or the simple fact of

daring to listen to your body and to trust yourself to get help.

The Existentielles association in partnership with Endofrance are
a magnificent aid and a support bubble that we needed
for so long.
Feeling understood, helped, taken care of
it changes more than you think. Psychologists, traumatologists,
coach, naturopaths, massage therapists and more
work in synergy to help in all facets of this fight.


"Support, Inform, ACT"

Do not hesitate to discover more:

Endofrance (in France) WEO (worldwide) and Existencielles (Paris)

-How massage helps manage pain -Often we are ready to do anything to end these burdensome pains: Self-medication, narcotics, alcohol, gadgets, even hurting yourself like becoming anorexic in order to "manage" the abundance of periods ... Although the only solution to healing is generally laproscopy mixed with blocked periods, for whatever reason you are not there yet, there are solutions to cope.

Did you know that there are alternative therapies that can help relieve pain?
Massage Therapy the power of touch: can help loosen tight adhesions from within and release tension on other affected organs.
Lithotherapy: the power of stones: can help by the action of ion releases and heat to penetrate and act on inflammation.
Aromatherapy the power of plant concentrates: can first, topically, penetrate deeply at the cellular level in less than 20 min for analgesic, adaptogenic, healing, anti-inflammatory action and then inhaled  to relax the body and l mind to release the pain grip.
Thermo Therapy the power by heat, an ancestral recipe, to relieve pain very quickly.

"Scientists have succeeded in explaining the benefits of heat on muscle pain. A local rise in temperature activates blood circulation in a specific place. Thus, exchanges are facilitated: more nutrients, water , oxygen ... All the elements allowing cell repair are present in abundance.
Therefore, when applied to a sore muscle, the heat facilitates cleaning and repair. This increase in blood flow also promotes the penetration of external agents into the muscle. This is why many analgesic creams are also "warming" so that the molecules are quickly delivered to the area to be treated.
Finally, heat decreases the efficiency of the transmission of nerve messages. Thus, the sensations of pain have difficulty passing from the heated area to the brain. This is why a rise in temperature also has a fairly rapid analgesic effect "Dr Jesus Cardenas

As you may have guessed, I've been through this crazy obstacle course. I had a late puberty at 14, I was so happy to finally have it that I didn't dare to complain about the pains that got harder to manage each time. At 16 it was getting unbearable, but all the doctors and my entourage told me it was normal, until the day I had to go to the emergency room in the middle of the night because I thought I had appendicitis. I was sent home with a simple paracetamol.

I went from doctor to doctor, gynecologists, gastroenterologists, examinations .... nothing "it's in your head!" It took me 6 years to come across
a wonderful practitioner Dr Rodarte who, without even examining me, told me "I don't understand how you can handle this pain, I believe you, it's not you, it is endometriosis. " I broke down in tears when I realized how much I had suppressed my fears, my confidence, listening to my body, and the pain. He put me in the hands of one of the few centers that had just opened in the United States, where a generous, discreet and benevolent
specialised Doctor Noble guided me towards my new life.

He operated on me by laparoscopy where I had endometriosis splatches all over the place and as a bonus a cyst the size of a golf ball on my fallopian tube. He prepared me to face a life of woman without pain but also certainly without children. It was a bit much for a young girl who certainly wasn't looking forward to becoming a woman anymore. After a new European obstacle course, where I had famous medical jokes of the kind "it will go away on its own", "have children, it will go" "it doesn't exist it's psychosomatic ".....

I stumbled upon an
infertility specialist Dr Berthelot in Paris, who knew how to play down the disease, get me back on the right treatment, and the icing on the cake, the birth of a little girl after a "normal" pregnancy. Accompanied by a trauma psychologist and a massage therapist, I was able to regain control and live my life as a woman peacefully, without pain.

I am so grateful for the people who reached out to me, that I find it my duty to do the same for young women to help them shorten the journey to managing their endometriosis today. I would love to help through touch, listening, empathy, and referral to true specialists. Being a woman without pain is possible, a new you is waiting for you!


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