Coffee, Tepezcohuite, Cardamom, Epsom Salts, Sea Salts, Vitamin E - 50mg

Glass and cork refillable jar


Application- On clean skin apply to face, body, or cellulite prone areas once or twice a week to increase circulation, tonify, gently exfoliate, and deeply nourish you skin, you will have baby soft skin to touch all around. Keep closed in a cool dry place and scoop with a clean spoon or spatula.


Exfoliante Piel de Bébé Café-Tepezcohuite

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  • Cardamom -Traditionally used in the Mayan ritual for the protection of sacred bees as well as drinks along with cacao and achiote; on the skin it has as antibacterial properties that helps in healing breakouts and acts as a skin purifier by clearing out blemishes. It helps in giving you a clearer and evened out complexion. It makes your skin even toned and also can improve your skin complexion.

    Tepezcohuite This Mexican "skin tree", rich in flavonoids, is recognized for its exceptional virtues. Astringent, purifying and regenerating, it is used to formulate care for damaged or blemish-prone skin, or even anti-aging care. Great for burns and general skin conditions as it is packed with many healing properties, vitamins, and minerals. Extraordinarily rich in tannins, flavonoids and sapinosides; the harmony of tannins and flavonoids, stimulates microcirculation and saponosides, make this tepezcohuite powder an important traditional healing agent.

    Organic equitable tipico Coffee -Did you know that the Mayan Jungle is one of the biggest modern-day producers of organic and equitable coffee? Do you want radiant, glowing complexion while participating in the life of artisans? If yes, apply this coffee scrub on your face and leave it on for 5 minutes before washing it off with lukewarm water. The caffeine present in the coffee restricts the blood vessels and the scrub acts as a stimulant that gives you less tired looking eyes and will help in getting rid of the dead skin cells achieving glowing skin as coffee is a powerhouse of antioxidant properties that are great for your skin. The anti-inflammatory properties coupled with polyphenols and hydrocinnamic acid present in coffee can help reduce inflammation and soothe red, inflamed breakouts. If you scrub your body with coffee, the caffeine present in it acts as a stimulant which improves the circulation of blood that moves through your veins and help reduce the appearance of cellulite by pushing out toxins. It can instantly give you glowing, fresh and youthful skin. Your skin will surely feel softer, smoother and rejuvenated. Enjoy its delicate softness, its pronounced aromas of chocolate, caramel and hazelnuts which shares its light body with yours.