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Our philosophy

Image de Fernando Jorge

    It all started with a personal awakening. The more years I spent in a mainstream job, the further I drifted away from what really matters in my life. I needed to get up in the morning and rebuild myself around these three values: Kindness, Wellness and Nature.


With the strength of my convictions, I created, Mayan / The Experience, a special place that defends simplicity, everyday magic, self-care and a taste for ancestral natural rituals through holistic massage therapies.


Mayan / The Experience is also a celebration of abundance, of the riches of nature, noticeably care through forgotten riches used in the ancient culture of the Mayans in the pre-hispanic peninsula.

It's finally a revolution, that of wellness & cosmetics of tomorrow with rituals of a forgotten past.


We have thus developed simple, healthy and organic products to meet the daily needs of your skin. The Mayan / The Experience rituals adapt to your skin type and come with few but powerful ingredients, no more. Our products are for everyone.


To better meet your needs, we have developed ritual subscriptions. We create, with you, the ritual that best suits your needs. For any subscription, we will be happy to offer you all your products in travel size in order to continue the experience at home.


In the interest of respecting the environment, all our bottles and accessories are refillable, reusable and recyclable.


Soon, the world of Mayan / The Experience will be available through its e- boutique online and Etsy. You can have your bottles refilled in store or by mail anytime and benefit from a remission with each refill made.


We have carefully chosen our ingredients to offer you the best experience without any unnatural additives. All our creations are 100% Natural, hand-made and thoughtfully packaged in France just for you.


Thank you dearly for your support!



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